Japanese Working Women Polled on One Piece

Posted on November 18, 2010
Tags: One Piece

Women’s marketing firm, Trenders, held a poll in October to ask Japanese working women about different aspects releated to One Piece. 506 working women between the ages of 20 and 39 responded.

Here is what they found:

  • 41% of the 506 respondents said that they have read One Piece,
  • Only 19% of the women who have read the manga said they also owned it.
  • 58% of the women who owned the manga, owned had all the volumes.

The women were asked which One Piece character they wanted as a boyfriend, and the top five in order were…

  1. Sanji (45 votes)
  2. Luffy (43 votes)
  3. Zoro (36 votes)
  4. Shanks (9 votes)
  5. Ace (8 votes)

However, when it came to marriage, the women had a change of heart and wanted to marry Zoro the most.

  1. Zoro (36 votes)
  2. Sanji (30 votes)
  3. Luffy (23 votes)
  4. Shanks (14 votes)
  5. Ace (8 votes)

Trenders then asked the women if they want to see a live-action version of One Piece. 84% said they did not want a live action One Piece movie. However, Trenders asked those who did want to see a live-action version about their ideal cast and the top choices were as follows:


Shingo Katori

Aya Ueto

Osamu Mukai

Yo Oizumi

Shun Oguri

There is no One Piece live action movie in the works, by the way. If there were, however, would these be good choices for actors?