Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Interview

The folks over at Hokage’s Room, the official community for Naruto games by Namco Bandai, submitted fan questions to Andrew Davis, the Localization Producer for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2!

QUESTION #1: Will there be a naruto ultimate ninja storm 3, no matter the the results ninja storm 2, and if so what will be done to make it a even greater and more creative experience. – Virgil100

ANSWER: We’re definitely game for seeing an iteration of the next version of the game, but currently we are concentrating our efforts to make sure Storm 2 would give the best experience we can possible, so right now, there’s no real comment we can give for Storm 3. Thanks for the enthusiasm though!

QUESTION #4: Will Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 expand through DLC or will it stop at extra support characters like it’s predecessor, will there be DLC missions, playable characters, and new game features that’ll make UNS 2 bigger? – AkaRed

ANSWER: Believe it or not, we don’t have any plans for DLC for the game. In the previous Storm 1 game, we had the Sound 4 among others as DLC, but we decided that there was nothing holding us back from being able to have everything included in the time we had to make the game, so everything can be unlocked through gameplay this time.

QUESTION #5: Why did you decide to change the story mode free roam from 3D to fixed camera? Many fans of the series are wondering if it had anything to do with the Xbox’s abilities. Was it because the Xbox couldn’t handle the version from UNS1 or was it a creative decision to make the change? – Supaduce

ANSWER: In the Storm 1 game, we wanted to recreate the Konoha Village, so we made it a free roam 3D, but after we got feedback from our fans, we found out that there was too much space for no real purpose in the 3D field. The 3D didn’t really enhance everyone’s feel in the Konoha Village, so this time around, we decided to revert to 2.5D (using 2D with depth) and have the creators of the anime draw each and every 2D field in the game. This resulted in a more authentic Naruto world with more life in it. We’re hoping everyone will agree with the vibrant images we can provide through this. As for the Xbox 360 abilities, there is nothing different between the Xbox 360 version and PS3 version. I think our fans will notice very little, if any, differences between the versions.

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