Six-Tails Confirmed Playable in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Ladies and gentleman, let the speculation come to a close! A brand new scan from Shonen Jump magazine confirms that Six-Tailed Naruto will be a playable character in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2!

As many predicted, Six-Tailed Demon Fox Naruto is, indeed, an awakening of Sage Naruto. Does that mean Sage Naruto is a seperate character? Not necessarily.

The first Ultimate Ninja Storm featured two different Sasuke outfits – the black Chunin Exam attire as well as Sasuke’s normal blue and white clothes. The Chunnin Exam Sasuke had an awakening of Sharingan Sasuke, while normal Sasuke had an awakening of CS2. And as we all know, Sasuke occupied only one character slot and was considered only one character.

With that said, IF the same kind of scenario holds true with Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, we still have two characters that have yet to be confirmed.