One Piece Manga on Break, DVD / Blu-Ray Sales

Posted on August 31, 2010
Tags: One Piece

In the 39th issue of Shonen Jump it was confirmed Eiichiro Oda will put his manga, One Piece, to rest for four weeks starting this Monday, September 6. The pirate manga has gone on break for a week on numerous occasions, but this is the first time it will be taking a 4-week vacation.

On the video front, a market survey from Oricon Communications recently announced that the movie One Piece: Strong World lead both DVD and the Blu-ray charts in Japan for the August 23-29 week. The 10th Anniversary Limited Edition of the One Piece: Strong World DVD sold 120,686 copies and the Blu-ray Limited Edition sold 63,000 copies.

The limited edition Blu-ray and DVD sets of Strong World each came with a bonus DVD that featured color design collections and footage from the preview screening and in-theater guest appearances on the movie’s opening day in Japanese theaters back on December 12, 2009. The main disc contained teaser trailers, the full trailers, television commercials, among other things. In addition, the limited editions bundled a “tone-dialing” voice keyholder, a deck of special Strong World playing cards, and a bendable “Gum-Gum” (“Gomu-Gomu”) pencil.

In addition, the regular edition DVD for the movie sold 35,273 more copies to rank #2 on the weekly DVD chart while the regular version of the Blu-ray sold an additional 10,000 copies to rank #5 on the weekly Blu-ray chart. Since it’s August 27th release date, One Piece: Strong World has sold a total of 226,000 copies.

In addition, a compilation disc called One Piece Log Collection: Nami solid 21,607 copies and another compilation disc called One Piece Log Collection: Logue Town sold 20,892 copies. In all, Oricon’s data recorded 277,000 sales of the nine different One Piece DVD and Blu-ray titles for a grand total of 2.16 billion yen or about US$25.6 million.

One Piece Film Strong World is the 10th movie in the One Piece series. Unlike previous movies, Oda himself had overseen the movie’s production last year.

Source: ANN