Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 Q&A, Screenshots

Along with 8 brand new screenshots, Ryo Mito, the producer of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 takes the time to answer a few questions submitted by fans via Goku’s Corner, the official site of Namco Bandai Dragon Ball games!


Midori: Will Raging Blast 2 have any secret hidden characters to unlock?
Ryo Mito: Yes! As you play through the Main Mode you’ll be able to unlock hidden characters that you can then use in battle.

TwighlightOrochi: What are some of the big gameplay differences in RB2? Could you please give 3 examples?
RM: In general, we’ve made many enhancements to Raging Blast 2 in order to build upon the experience established in the original game, including an all new main mode, improved graphics for both the characters and stages, an evolved battle system and camera, 20 new characters, four new stages and new combo features.

DillynC: How much time and thought did it take to incorporate so many characters and their unique styles and attacks?
RM: We’ve spent over three years in development working on the Raging Blast franchise.

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