New Storm 2 Interview with Hiroshi Matsuyama

The team over at StrategyInformer interviews the president and CEO of CyberConnect2, Hiroshi Matsumaya. Topics include release dates, downloadable content, and more!

Strategy Informer: What was the main focus for the sequel, and which area have you improved most?
Hiroshi Matsuyama: There are three main points I want to talk about: The first point is that we now have more than 40 characters available in the game. They’re all playable online, so you can use them against anyone in the world. Second point: We have put a lot of strength and effort into the drama and the story. What we have tried to do here is focus a lot on the Naruto story, because we have a very deep and highly dynamic battle system, but we wanted a strong story as well. So what’s going to be possible here is that the player will be able to enjoy the whole Naruto world in beautiful maps that are linked.

There’s a huge quantity of story. The game will include the whole of Naruto Shippuden, from the very beginning, to the episodes that have not yet been broadcast in Japan. The Naruto you can see here is a very special Naruto, and will only be broadcast from this summer in Japan, so it contains three years of content in the game.Third point is that we have tried to improve the very popular boss battle mode that was implemented in the first episode. I’m proud because we can make very interesting gameplay from these boss battles, and it’s different according to the moment you’re fighting.

Strategy Informer: Are there any differences between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Naruto?
Hiroshi Matsuyama: No, there wont be any differences.

Strategy Informer: Any downloaded content scheduled?
Hiroshi Matsuyama:
[Looks at producer and smiles] This is something we can’t answer, I’m sorry.

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