Hidan and Kakuzu Info for Storm 2

Shonen Jump has recently revealed information on Hidan and Kakuzu in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2!

HIDAN’S DESCRIPTION: Hidan is an immortal and wields a three-bladed scythe attached to a long metal cable. He is a devout follower of the bloodthirsty Way of Jashin and takes great pleasure in inflicting pain upon his opponents. His awakening will be Ritual Jashin Mode.

Jutsu – Soul Hunt. A combo where Hidan does a foward flip followed by a devastating downward slash with his triple-bladed scythe.

Ultimate Jutsu – Curse Jutsu: Death Possession Blood Hidan draws the Jashin symbol on the ground and then attempts to ensnare his opponent. If he succeeds in linking his body with his opponent’s, he cackles and impales himself with a spike, inflicting damage on them through their connection.

KAKUZU DESCRIPTION: Kakuzu is bad-tempered, money-obsessed miser. He can detach his arms and control them through a mass of tendrils, and he can also control the tendrils themselves. He has five hearts, and every single heart must be destroyed for him to be killed and each heat has a differnt elemental justu. His awakening will be Thread Mode or Shinzo Mode.

Jutsu: Wind Style: Pressure Damage. Kakuzu’s wind-affinity heart shoots a blast of wind that knocks opponents backward into the air.

Light Style: False Darkness. Kakuzu’s lightning affinity heart elecrifies the ground in front of him.

Fire Style: Searing Migraine. Kakuzu summons several of his hearts, trapping his enemy with Lightning Style: False Darkness, then shoots a giant fireball.

Ultimate Jutsu – Earth Grudge: Final Shot. Kakuzu elonates his arms, grabs the enemy and throws them in the air. He then transforms his arms into a giant cannon and blasts his enemy with a massive triple-element attack.(We’ve seen this in the E3 2010 Trailer,so that proves this is real.)