New Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Scans

Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2 are doing an unbelievable job! The latest scans prove they are taking what they had with a great Storm 1 and truly elevating a game to heights like never before!

The first scan shows the beauty of destructible environments. Not only that, it shows the environments can be used to enhance techniques. For example, the scan shows, water in the environment being used to enhance a lightning jutsu to shock the opponent! In addition, it seems as if you can work with your support characters to defend yourself and perform combo attacks!

Storm 1 had Summoning battles, which was pretty cool, but Storm 2 takes it up to a whole new level as the scan portrays what may be SUMMONING vs SUMMONING battles!

The third scan seems to show that free-roaming is expanded to places beyond the Hidden Leaf Village! Is that the Hidden Sand Village Naruto is running through!?!

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm hits retailers in both North America and Japan this fall and it seems like its going to be a heck of an experience! We can’t wait for this Storm to hit!

Thanks to des and Shiro Kaiser for the scans!

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