Bleach Heat the Soul 7

Posted on May 9, 2010

In the five years since the Bleach: Heat the Soul series had started, Sony and Eighting have managed to create not one, not five, but seven fighting games all exclusively for the PSP! The latest scan from Shonen Jump features Yammy’s Incomplete Release Form confirmed as a Giant Boss! Also Rukia, Chad and Renji have been confirmed as playable characters for the game!

Bleach Heat the Soul 7 is the latest installment in the Heath the Soul series. The game feature a multiplayer battles with up to 4 players and giant boss battles. The game includes Allon (as a giant boss), Byakuya, Cirucci, Kensei, Orihime, Rangiku, Ulquiorra, and of course Ichigo as other charcaters available in the game.

As with the first six games, there is no release date set for a North American release. Bleach Heat the Soul 7 is due out, however, sometime this year (2010) in Japan.

News and images by Shiro Kaiser.