Viz Media Announces New DVD Releases for May – June 2010

Posted on April 5, 2010
Tags: Naruto

Viz Media has announced their list of DVD titles scheduled for release in May through June 2010. This includes the latest box set and episodic releases of the popular NARUTO and BLEACH series! Please view the following for dates, contents, price, and a description!

BLEACH Uncut Box Set 5
Rated ‘T’ for Teens · MSRP: $49.95 US / $71.99 CAN · Available June

The deadly Bounts have infiltrated the Soul Society seeking revenge, and Ichigo and his comrades are quick to follow. But with the large amounts of reishi available in the Soul Society, the Bounts’ power seems nearly limitless, and even the most formidable Soul Reaper captains have a grueling fight on their hands. At the Department of Research and Development, Bount leader Jin Kariya is after the Bount Crest known as Jokaisho, which has the power to blow all of the Seireitei away, and only Ichigo and Chad stand in his way! Contains episodes: 92 – 109 (Original and Uncut).

BLEACH Volume 28
Rated ‘T’ for Teens · MSRP: $24.92 US / $35.99 CAN · Available May 25

Captain Hitsugaya, along with Lieutenant Matsumoto and other Soul Reapers, arrives in Karakura Town to protect the living from the murderous Arrancars. Led by the Arrancar Grimmjow, the Arrancars have entered the World of the Living with the goal of killing anyone who possesses the slightest amount of Spiritual Pressure. As they fan out looking for victims, they find a fight with well-trained Soul Reapers instead. Ichigo, Chad, and the Advance Troops fight hard to protect Karakura town from the dangerous intruders. Contains episodes 114 – 117.

BLEACH Volume 29
Rated ‘T’ for Teens · MSRP: $24.92 US / $35.99 CAN · Available June 22

The streets of Karakura Town become the scene of a fierce battle between Soul Reapers and the Arrancars. Ikkaku Madarame faces off against the Arrancar Edrad, who dodges his wild attacks, forcing him to release his Bankai, which he has long kept secret. And Captain Hitsugaya struggles against the Arrancar Shawlong, who reveals to him the existence of far more powerful Arrancars called the Espada. Contains episodes 118 – 121.

Rated ‘T+’ for Older Teens · MSRP: $49.95 US / $71.99 CAN · Available June 29

Naruto returns from his training journey eager to see his friend Sasuke. But Sasuke has only one thing on his mind: his quest for revenge against his older brother. His unquenchable thirst for power knows no bounds, and soon he is lured from the Leaf Village by Orochimaru’s minions, the Sound Four. Determined to get him back, Shikamaru and Naruto put together a team of the top genin in the village to go after him, and the chase begins! Contains episodes 107 – 135.

Rated ‘T+’ for Older Teens ·MSRP: $24.92 US / $35.99 CAN · Available May 18

Everything about Team Kakashi’s newest member Sai rubs Naruto the wrong way, and Sakura and their new leader Yamato have their hands full trying to keep them apart. A night at a hot springs inn doesn’t do much to promote team unity, but Naruto decides that he will do anything, even pair up with Sai, to help their mission succeed: to find Sasuke and bring him back. Sai has a hard time understanding Naruto’s feelings, but that may be because he himself has no feelings at all! Contains episodes 35 – 39.

Rated ‘T+’ for Older Teens · MSRP: $24.92 US / $35.99 CAN · Available June 1

In the midst of their spying mission, Team Kakashi is suddenly confronted with the Leaf Village’s sworn enemy, Orochimaru. Naruto challenges him, and during their battle, his anger brings forth the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox. Naruto will never give up his determination to find Sasuke and bring him home, but in his rage he risks losing all awareness of himself and hurting those he cares for the most. Contains episodes 40 – 43.