One Piece Streams, Manga Sells 2 Million

Posted on March 19, 2010
Tags: One Piece

One Piece will be streaming at a different time starting this Saturday on the official One Piece web site. Also, volume 57 of the manga is the fastest to two million copies solid.

FUNimation recently tweeted that the latest episode of One Piece, episode 443, will begin to air at 9PM CDT starting this Saturday 3/20. It has been airing at 8:00 pm CST since November of 09.

As you may already know, the official One Piece website streams the newest episodes about one hour after the broadcast in Japan. It’s assumed the time change is due to the fact that Japan does not have daylight savings time.

For the average viewer the time change does not make much of a difference as episodes stay on the official web site for at least several months. In fact, episodes 415, which was the first episode to be put on the website as part of the One Piece simulcast plan (back in August of 2009) is still on the web site.

In other news, the latest manga volume of One Piece, volume 57, has sold 2.005 million copies in just two weeks! It has become the fastest manga volume in history to pass the 2-million! In it’s first week the manga solid a huge 1,690,932 copies. Japanese publisher Shueisha had printed three million copies of the volume in its first printing, in anticipation of such sales.

The previous volume, One Piece 56, took six weeks to pass the 2-million mark back in January. One Piece, as a whole, has sold over 185.6 million copies.