Storm 2 Confirmed for NA, Has Online

There’s a Storm coming brewing in North America and it promises to bring online play and over 40 characters to your PS3 and 360!

SI forums member Shiro Kaiser recently posted scans from the North American Shonen Jump magazine that confirm Namco Bandai Games’ Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 will hit the west, and will come with online play!

Below is a transcription of what the magazine says:

The world is still recovering from the last major Ninja Storm. PS3’s everywhere are still cleaning up the wreckage and beginning the slow rebuilding process. And yet, some very ominous clouds are building in the air. Ninja weathermen are watching closely and some are even predicting there may just be another…NINJA STORM coming!

  • There will be over 40 playable characters. That’s twice as many as before from Ultimate Ninja Storm 1.
  • Tweaks to support characters will allow for more strategic use. You can start combos and counter hits with them.
  • Each character can now go into Awakening mode to increase their power when their health is low.
  • New Single Player mode. You can run amuck in a 1:1 recreation of the Hidden Leaf Village. All the locales from the anime will be there.
  • Take the fight online. Fight one-on-one against all corners.