Kai Cast and Release Date Announced

Posted on February 15, 2010

Aside from Gohan, Bulma, Chiaotzu, Puar, and the Narrator, Dragon Ball Kai will feature the same exact cast as the hit Dragon Ball Z series we all know and love!

FUNimation Entertainment has announced the English cast of the latest chapter of the genre-establishing Dragon Ball franchise, “Dragon Ball Z Kai.”

In “Dragon Ball Z Kai: the Dragon Ball Z story is retold to more closely follow creator Akira Toriyama’s original tale about a brave young warrior named Goku. A project personally overseen by Toriyama, “Dragon Ball Z Kai” has been re-edited and re-made using the latest in digital technology.

The new series also features renewed soundtracks and a re-recording of the series by the same cast that made the from the original FUNimation dub of Dragon Ball Z a hit! The only differences from the original DBZ cast in DBZ Kai will be the voice actors for Gohan, Bulma, Chaiotzu, Puar, and the narrator.

New cast members:
Gohan – Colleen Clinkenbeard
Bulma – Monica Rial
Narrator – Doc Morgan
Chiaotzu and Puar – Brina Palencia

FUNimation Entertainment will begin releasing the Dragon Ball Z Kai series on DVD and Blu-ray starting with Part One on May 18, 2010.

For more information about Dragon Ball Z Kai, please visit the official web site at www.dragonballzkai.com.