Team Asuma in Revolution 3

TOMY Corporation today released the latest details on three new characters to appear in the highly anticipated Wii fighting game NARUTO Shippuden: Clash of Ninja® Revolution 3. The video showcases all-new gameplay footage of Asuma, Shikamaru and Choji as they inflict their signature jutsu moves on adversaries. Exclusive for Nintendo Wii and available November 17, the classic 3D fighting game features new and improved gameplay mechanics, more than 35 characters, multiple gameplay modes, and for the first time, Wi-Fi multiplayer functionality.

Asuma is a melee-oriented fighter who predominately uses chakra blades that can be extended in uppercut attacks for vertical control. One of his special abilities is teleporting, allowing him to surprise opponents with strong attacks, followed up with an intense drop kick.

Shikamaru is just as careful and tricky a character in the Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 fighting game as he is in the animated series. He utilizes a special thinking pose, which proves to be a valuable asset. Players enter the pose with the option of using strong or weak attacks on their opponents. Both strong and weak attacks transport Shikamaru behind his rival.

Choji is a bit more tentative in his attacks, but deals a heavy blow to opponents, tossing his enemies to the opposite side of the fighting arena. Rolling attacks are also a signature move, allowing him to take up a lot of horizontal space in the match. Choji’s moves are a bit trickier to execute, requiring him to get up close and punish the enemy with a few devastating attacks.