Dragonball Evolution Scavenger Hunt at Comic-Con

Posted on July 22, 2009

If your going to world famous San Diego Comic-Con this year, then get ready for a Dragonball Scavenger Hunt!
LOS ANGELES, July 22 /PRNewswire/ — Giant Release has created a successful case study on how to integrate Twitter into a multi-platform advertising campaign, generate buzz and consumer dialogue around a product release.

The epicenter of the program revolves around a scavenger hunt that Giant Release created for the release of FOX Home Entertainment’s Dragonball Evolution DVD. The scavenger hunt held on July 24th at the 2009 Comic-Con San Diego convention center was the ideal location to reach Dragonball’s fan base. Followers of twitter.com/Dragonball2009 receive a tweet every 15 minutes over a three hour timeframe offering a clue to where seven “Dragonballs” were hidden inside the convention center. When each “Dragonball” is found, the winner receives the ultimate Dragonball Evolution DVD prize package which includes exclusive Comic-Con collector items, a Dragonball Evolution DVD and a VIP pass to the Wrath of Con party event at the Hard Rock Hotel. Dragonball Evolution was given the opportunity to showcase the DVD on plasma screens and main stage area throughout Wrath of Con to leading online entertainment and comics editors, celebrities and lucky fans.

The program is supported and promoted heavily by Giant Release and their leading online entertainment and comic site partners, such as iesb.net, comicbookmovie.com, firstshowing.net, moviesonline.ca and screenrant.com. Over 20,000 followers combined are following on Twitter. Daniel Clark, president of Giant Release states, “We foresee strong sales of the DVD through our partner sites aggressive promotion to create dialogue and awareness for the Dragonball Evolution scavenger hunt and DVD release.”

The Dragonball Evolution DVD campaign launched at the start of Comic-Con San Diego 2009 on Giant Release’s entertainment, comic, and game sites. It includes custom content creation, Comic-Con editorial sponsorships, product integration and simultaneously executed high impact placements like site roadblocks, reskins and fan-site sponsorships.

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